www.kuaidi.com, affiliated with Nanjing Zhuiying Network Technology, is a hi-tech service-oriented Internet enterprise focusing on express industry informatization. Subordinate to Zhuiying Network, www.kuaidi.com integrates express check, point inquiry, price inquiry, telephone inquiry, online express delivery and other services of over 300 express companies and logistics companies at home and abroad, becoming the best of the best among domestic express platforms. Since July 2014 when it went online, www.kuaidi.com has been recognized and praised by many users and e-commerce websites. Currently, www.kuaidi.com keeps good cooperation relations with Baidu, Qihu 360, Kingsoft, Sogou, 2345, UC, Maxthon and other Internet companies, establishes business cooperation with mutual benefits and win-win results with such express companies at home and abroad as SF Express and STO Express, ZTO Express, YT Express, BEST Express and Yunda Express, and provides value-added services for large e-commerce websites in China. With rapid development of Internet industry, e-commerce and express industry, the Company changes with each passing day.

Our mission is to use perfectionism geek spirit, simplify intermediate links through Internet mode, improve various disadvantages of express delivery via telephone, and create for all users a more direct, convenient and sincere practical express tool - provide a one-stop informatization solution for users to inquire express and make a delivery by such network platforms as PC website, mobile phone station (WeChat platform) and mobile APP; provide free express inquiry interface (API) for B2C and other network applications and help enterprises and online business to enhance customer satisfaction of logistics link; help points of express companies to increase operation efficiency, reduce customer service cost and optimize pick-up link.

Our team is young and sensitive to the times. www.kuaidi.com has no complicated enterprise interpersonal relationship, and has same faith and belief with different characters and different specialties. We are all friends here. We strive to do one thing well, the best www.kuaidi.com. If you keep improving yourself in your career, please join us to enjoy the feeling of growing up with talent in operation, technology, product and other fields!