I know how to install it, Next Step>

1. Go to http://global.kuaidi.com/download/index.html to donwload the lasted Magento module of kdtrack.

2. Log in to Megento Admin Panel, go to System-MagentoConnect-MagentoConnectManager.

3. Two installation options: 1) Go to Magento Connect, find Kdtracker, get extension key, then Paste extension key to instal;

4. Upload the lasted Magento module of kdtrack downloaded from http://global.kuaidi.com/download/index.html.

I know how to authorize it, Next Step>

1. Sign up and log in http://global.kuaidi.com/openapi.html

2. Click the API button to go to the application page, enter the e-mail address and site domain and click the Next button.

3. Click the Download button to download the verification file, then place the verification file in the root directory of your domain name, and click the Verify button. If authentication pass, the key will be sent to your email.

4. Log in to Megento Admin Panel, go to System-Configuration.

5. Find KDTrack Order Config Options.

6. In the API KEY field, enter the API key you have and set your smtp mail server and mail delivery rules for you need.

1. Click the sales-orders button to go to the order management page, find the order not shipped, click the view button on the right to view the details.

2. On the details page, click the Ship button on the right to go to the shipping management interface.

3. Click the Add Tracking Number button to add a shipping tracking number for the order.

4. After selecting Carrier and tracking Number, click the Submit button.

5. After add the tracking # for the order, click GlobalTrack-Tracking Orders to go to the plug-in homepage, click Import button in the upper right corner to import the order with tracing #. And then click on the right side of the Action column detail button to view the details of an order shipping information. The system automatically synchronizes the shipping information every hour and sends the message to the user according to the rules of sending mail. You can also manually update the shipping information of all orders by clicking the TrackingALL button in the upper right corner.
PS:orders without tracking numbers can not be imported!

6. Front-end users can click Account-My Account-My Orders to go to the order management page, click order view button to view order shipping details, click the bottom of the blue TRACK YOUR ORDER to get full shipping details!